Monthly Departmental Report

Monthly Savannah Lakes COO and Departmental Report – March 20, 2013

This report is intended to be a short summary of activities beyond the routine daily operations of the SLV Departments, and is presented to the board of directors.


  • Recreation Center User Report:  Total all areas for February 6373. Fitness Room had the most users at 942 followed by Water Aerobics with 565.
  • Special AC4ME programs held in Feb./March -Flexibility  Sally Perkins, nutrition education wellness works Patsy Hannah, cooking class Linda Williams, and strength training- Sally Perkins
  • New Online Tennis Reservation System is up and running with many members getting the hang of how it operates and taking advantage of convenience it offers.
  • Completed some Recreation Center improvement projects. Painting entrance hallways, and placed new pictures throughout hallways.
  • Pennamon’s Private Party- 2 days with over 250 in attendance each day
  • Power Squadron Valentine’s Dance- 85 in attendance
  • Tennis Party- 132 in attendance
  • Completed Tennis Court spring maintenance project. Community volunteers and staff completed all 4 courts on Wed. March 13th.
  • The SLV Board of Directors meeting will meet March. 20th at 9 am in McCormick Room
  • SLV Community Theatre performances- March 16, 22, 24
  • Walk For Your Heath event- April 6th starting at 9:00am at Recreation Center
  • Magic Show by Gary Morton- April 11th at 7pm

Tara Golf Maintenance

  • Formed and poured patio extension and turn around at clubhouse. (Contractor)
  • Cleared front of Tara clubhouse of dead and overgrown shrubbery.
  • Fell and removed 9 trees from golf course.
  • Built new protective housing for lakeside irrigation pump.
  • Bulk spread of Spring fertilizer and weed control. (Contractor)


  • We had one new incentive package activated in February for a new home (12-month).

Monticello Golf Maintenance

  • Greens are doing well, the painting is ongoing so that the color is maintained consistently without any peaks and valleys in the color.
  • Bridge surface replacement is completed on #8, 13, 16, and 1. The 2 bridges on hole #2 to be completed in March
  • All mowing equipment is being serviced for the mowing season
  • Pinestrawing of the course beds has been Completed
  • The Frequency upgrade for our irrigation system hardware has been completed. We are waiting on the FCC to approve the new frequency.
  • The Lake level is rising steadily, which is very encouraging. The lakeside pump will be removed when the water level gets to 323’ and rising
  • The Overseeded areas are doing well.
  • Winter weed control has been completed on the golf course


  • Preparing for practice launch of new tee time system in April.
  • Working on training staff to use GHIN Tournament Program on going.
  • Total rounds for February were down 29% because of the third wettest February on record. 2012.
  • Monticello rounds YTD down only 5% compared to Tara at 22%.
  • 2013 Tournament Schedule finalized and on the website.
  • Guest play already booked for March is over 400 rounds.
  • Continue booking outside groups for 2013 including Masters Week.
  • Improving ability to do video analysis of lessons and edit and email to students.

Food Service

  • Clubhouse Report for Food Services:
  • Executed a wonderful wine dinner in 6 days
  • Started employee training in back and front of the house
  • Rearranged and sorted all storage areas and walk in coolers
  • Met with Golf and AC to coordinate upcoming events and start to establish a “hospitality” calendar so all events will be plainly seen and so double and triple bookings will not happen
  • With many upcoming Golfing events, such as MGA, WGA, and 9 hole, we are bringing the Food and Beverage back to the club
  • Preparing new menus and service hours for both locations
  • Setting a precedent for all upcoming events and Ala Carte services
  • Building a foundation for all Food Services for years to come

Community Services

  • Completed interior painting in Tara Clubhouse – Tara Project
  • Installation of carpet and tile in progress – Tara Project
  • Installation of new walk-in cooler in progress – Tara Project
  • Completed mowing of back slopes on interior streets in the village
  • Completed repair of overhead door at Sandy Branch Station 2
  • Installation of electrical and POS cables in new bar and service area in progress – Tara Project
  • Installation of plumbing for new bar and service area in progress – Tara Project
  • Completed upgrade of Tara cart barn bathrooms – Tara Project
  • Completed installation of new main drain line – Tara Project
  • Completed installation of new LED lighting for 378 west entrance sign
  • Provided various residential services, lawn maintenance, plumbing, and electrical repairs
  • Completed installation of 2 new boat lifts and 1 add-on boat dock
  • Continue work organization and scheduling for the Tara Renovation Project


  • Entrance Signage:  The entrance signage was installed in early March, along with needed electrical work, lighting and minor site improvements.  Additional site improvements will be made, including clearing additional underbrush for better visibility of the eastbound entrance sign.
  • Corridor & Community Signage:  As a part of the corridor enhancement plan, we are planning/designing updates to directional signage along our main corridors, entrance signage into our key facilities, and identifying new signage needed.  We can refurbish most of our existing signage with new paint and graphics for an updated consistent look, while minimizing our cost.  This will be an ongoing project through Q3 2013.
  • Recreation Center Image Panels:  Images panels were designed and installed at the Recreation Center, using a collection of pictures that illustrate our community’s unique destination to residents, non-residents, and visiting families.
  • Other Facility Signage:  Map signage for Tara and Monticello Golf Shops is in, and will be installed before Masters Weeks at the Golf Shops.
  • Advertising Programs:  With our new website, new advertising copy, and placement in publications like Garden and Gun and ad/write up in Ideal Living, we have seen a strong increase in the number of information inquiries.  We have distributed 172 named leads/information inquiries on a rotational basis to the four local real estate offices over the last month.
  • Masters Week Advertising:  We have focused the majority of our advertising through online advertisements and the Masters Housing Bureau.  These are the best sources for reaching out of town guests as they are planning their trip.  We will also pick up some remnant priced ad placement in “week-of” tournament related media, but these ads will be more real estate focused.
  • Online Reservations:  Tennis Court reservations are now live on the Savannah Lakes Village member website.  We will also begin migrating over the tee time reservation system to be embedded in the member website.  We are targeting April 1 as the transition date to the new platform.  The embedded tee time system will process requests in the same way as Chelsea, but will provide a number of new services to the membership, including the ability to make tee time requests from mobile devices and tablets.

Tara Club Aerial




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