Some Kind Words on YouTube

Hey there Team SLV! I just had to share this when I saw it. A guest played Monticello recently, and he left a comment on a YouTube video of the Monticello course speaking very highly of our course and our team.

Sure, we have some amazing natural surroundings that factored into his positive impression. But without each of your individual efforts and attention to detail, this person might not have had an experience worth sharing. Here’s what he had to say:


Isn’t that fabulous?!

We can’t say that sort of thing about our organization or our golf courses. But when a guest or member feels so well served that they spontaneously offer praise like that, we know we are doing something right. Let’s keep it up!

Thank you all for what you do to make sure our members and guests have a great experiences!


Andy Johnston, Director of Marketing

Using Our Talents

“God gives everyone certain attributes, characteristics, talents, and then He says, “If you use what you have I’ll increase it, but if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.” Use it or lose it; it’s a law.”
— Charlie “Tremendous” Jones
How are we growing our natural talents to do worthwhile/purposeful work in Savannah Lakes Village?  How can we better encourage others to do the same?

Challenge for the Week:

Deliver the best you have to give every day.  Then watch others you engage respond positively. Customers will rave, visitors will receive a great impression of our Village, and other team members will “step up their game.”  It is only when we feel that we are making a difference are we truly happy in our work. Start using and growing your talents today…  Shine on.
Kirk Smith
General Manager/Chief Operating Officer
Savannah Lakes Village
Lake Thurmond – South Carolina
864.391.4116 (ofc.)
864.378.5816 (cell)
Unique.  Naturally.

Being Remarkable

Thought for Today:  Being Remarkable


“The thing that is going to decide what gets talked about, what gets done… what gets purchased is: is it remarkable?”- Seth Godin


Application for Savannah Lakes Village:

  • We are a service organization…  The product we most commonly deliver is a service to our members and guests (our customers).
  • We have the distinct advantage of having direct contact with our customers every day, offering hundreds of opportunities every day to be remarkable.
  • Remarkable can be your smile and the way you greet a member or guest, the extra care you take in renovating a bunker or mowing a green, or a friendly wave as cars pass by as you mow the right-of-ways along the Village streets.  The person that notices your caring work or friendly gesture could be the next family considering a purchase in our community. It could also be a co-team member that is inspired by your service and decides to “pay-it-forward” in another way.
  • The point is that we all have a unique voice with a unique way of making our customers’ day brighter, conveying how great it is to live and work in Savannah Lakes Village.
  • Adopting a remarkable caring culture throughout all operations (there’s no job too big or too small to make an impact) will generate raving fans.

Challenge for This Week:

  • Take a look within you, and ask yourself how you can do your job in a remarkable way…  You will find that is often the little things (attention to detail, a smile or a friendly wave) that will have the greatest impact.
  • The key point is to convey by our actions (not just our words) that we care…  When we deeply care about one another and the success of our community, remarkable outcomes will happen.
  • Now, take a look around your environment.  What is hampering you from delivering remarkable service to our customers, as well as service to your fellow team members?  Share what you come up with to your team leader, or simply respond in the comments below.

We look forward to your thoughts and ideas.

Onward and Upward,


Savannah Lakes Village

A unique place to play… An inspiring place to live.

Great Ladies

Excellent job Cathy & Ginnie on the implementation and customer service of the new tee time system …  We are proud to be on the same team with you!

Neighborlink Message from 8/10/13:

Great Ladies!!

Thanks so much to Cathy Smith and Ginnie Timok for their patience helping the Golfing Community  adjust to the the new tee time program!
Both ladies have gone above and beyond, working  many hours with SLV golfers  and Tech Support  to make the transition as smooth as possible!  We are lucky to have them in our ProShops, they are amazing!

Barb Shelley

SLV Member

Shake It Off

Practical advice to apply in our everyday interactions with customers, taken from Karin Hurt’s most recent blog post.

Customer Interactions

In the customer facing world, looking to “wow” customers in every interaction can be tough.  Face it, sometimes customers are mean.  They’re mad at something in their lives, that is not about you, or even your company. Create connection, find empathy, do everything you can.  Once you hang up the call, shake it off.  Don’t transfer that negative feeling to the next (mostly likely reasonable) customer.

“No Problem” or “My Pleasure”


My Pleasure

The article below titled “No Problem” from the late and great Zig Ziglar is a strong reminder of how important word choice is when engaging with members, guests, visitors, and our own team members.  When you have an opportunity to deliver service (moment of truth), how do you respond? How are we perceived as a team and as a community by your response?  Is the tone positive or negative? Consider a visit to any Chick-Fil-A.  As a fast food restaurant, they could decide to remain average like the rest of the fast food industry.  Instead, you will hear phrases like “it will be my pleasure to serve you at the window” and when asking for that extra container of Polynesian sauce, the answer is always “my pleasure”.  The same consistent service can be found at any franchise you may visit. Serving others with an attitude of “my pleasure” is not just a training program for Chick-Fil-A…  It is hardwired into their culture.

What similar phrases do you like to use or have made a positive impression on you when visiting other businesses? How can we rise above average in our own opportunities to deliver service?  Please share ideas/comments below.

All the Best!



No Problem

By Zig Ziglar

Frequently when we ask someone who is in a service capacity or, for that matter, a family member or friend to do something, they will say, “No problem.”  The request might have been as simple as, “May I have some salsa for my omelet, please?” and the response will be, “No problem.”

Let’s think about that response.  It’s universally accepted that we associate the word “problem” with a problem, which most of us don’t consider positive.  However, the person is really saying they will be pleased to handle the request and they will have “no problem” in complying.  The question is, why not respond in a positive way like, “Certainly.  I’ll be glad to take care of that for you,” or, “Yes, indeed, and it will take only a minute.”  In fact, just this past Sunday Bill Flanagan had a commentary about this very phrase on CBS’s Sunday Morning program.  Click here to read his opinion.

The English language is truly fascinating and has many twists and turns, including oxymorons. For example, someone might say, “it’s the same difference,” or another person might talk about “jumbo shrimp.”  As we reflect on those word turns, it becomes obvious there is a certain amount of confusion in communicating what is really meant.  There is an old negative expression which says, “Those things which can be misunderstood will be misunderstood.”

When we explore words we realize we’re talking about communication, and when we talk about good leadership, we are really talking about the ability to clearly communicate a message.  Without the ability to communicate effectively, very few people understand what is expected of them.  However, the decisive leader, the one who gets things done, is an effective communicator.  Think about it.  Study effective communication skills, learn to apply them and you will have a “leg up” on the leadership ladder.  SEE YOU AT THE TOP!

– Zig Ziglar

Thought of the Day – Communications

“Communication is not about saying what we think. It’s about ensuring others hear what we mean.”

In other words, communications is a two way street.  We must clarify our message and ensure the person or audience we are attempting to communicate with understands the message.  Communications that is not properly understood is just noise.

Thought for the Day:  How can we better communicate with people we come in contact with today?  Let’s be sure our message of being a great place to live and work comes through in all that we do and say.