Being Remarkable

Thought for Today:  Being Remarkable


“The thing that is going to decide what gets talked about, what gets done… what gets purchased is: is it remarkable?”- Seth Godin


Application for Savannah Lakes Village:

  • We are a service organization…  The product we most commonly deliver is a service to our members and guests (our customers).
  • We have the distinct advantage of having direct contact with our customers every day, offering hundreds of opportunities every day to be remarkable.
  • Remarkable can be your smile and the way you greet a member or guest, the extra care you take in renovating a bunker or mowing a green, or a friendly wave as cars pass by as you mow the right-of-ways along the Village streets.  The person that notices your caring work or friendly gesture could be the next family considering a purchase in our community. It could also be a co-team member that is inspired by your service and decides to “pay-it-forward” in another way.
  • The point is that we all have a unique voice with a unique way of making our customers’ day brighter, conveying how great it is to live and work in Savannah Lakes Village.
  • Adopting a remarkable caring culture throughout all operations (there’s no job too big or too small to make an impact) will generate raving fans.

Challenge for This Week:

  • Take a look within you, and ask yourself how you can do your job in a remarkable way…  You will find that is often the little things (attention to detail, a smile or a friendly wave) that will have the greatest impact.
  • The key point is to convey by our actions (not just our words) that we care…  When we deeply care about one another and the success of our community, remarkable outcomes will happen.
  • Now, take a look around your environment.  What is hampering you from delivering remarkable service to our customers, as well as service to your fellow team members?  Share what you come up with to your team leader, or simply respond in the comments below.

We look forward to your thoughts and ideas.

Onward and Upward,


Savannah Lakes Village

A unique place to play… An inspiring place to live.