Jamaican Night a Success

Hats off to the F&B Team on a successful Jamaican Night.  The following was posted by an SLV resident to Neighborlink on March 30, 2013:

“If you were not at Monticello for the Jamaica Night feast, you missed the best food we have had at Monticello, ever! I had Jamaican fish (a specially batter-fried tilapia). I ate every succulent, flaky, crispy, delicate bite of the generous serving. The plantains were perfectly ripened, and sweet and soft on the inside, crusty on outside–no need for dessert. The dirty rice and peas authentically, wonderfully Jamaica- seasoned. And the collards, with sweet red pepper, garlic and onion prepared separately and then blended for last bit of cooking: best I have had since moving to SC 7 years ago and maybe in my whole life. Our wonderful Jamaican chef, Mr. Harold Willis, with us here for 11 years, graciously came to our table of four as we clapped him out of the kitchen and gave us a few of his special secrets of fixing this delicious island cuisine. Two at our table had fish, the two men had the oxtail, both dishes blending perfectly with the same sides. The oxtail (a sort of stew, meat cooked on the young rump/tail bone which was separated so you could dig out [or suck] and crunch the tasty and extremely nutritious marrow) got rave reviews from the two husbands. I am sure the Red Stripe chicken was on par with its excellent menu company, but alas, we couldn’t order everything. Such a very special dinner! Thank you again, Mr. Willis, and Stefan and Alan! What a great treat! Please, please, do it again!” – SLV Member


Monticello Clubhouse

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