SLV Supports Job Shadow Day

Maddison Smith, daughter of Tonya Edmunds, was our Job Shadow Student at the administrative office today.  Maddison is a sixth grade student at McCormick Middle School.  Maddison stayed busy all day assisting with making copies, preparing mail, computer work and preparing a committee book.

Maddison Smith, daughter of Tonya Edmunds, shadowed her mother today as part of McCormick Middle School’s Job Shadow Program.  This program is invaluable as it helps students make that critical link between the classroom and the workplace.  Students also get to see firsthand the range of knowledge and skills a job requires regardless of the job or its location.  Maddison is 11 years old and is in the sixth grade.  We kept Maddison busy all day with numerous task including making copies, preparing letters for mailing, preparing an information binder and learning website administration.  Thank you Maddison for all your hard work.




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