Celebrating Service Milestones at SLV


We are proud to recognize our team members that received service awards in 2016:  Pictured l to r – Joe Jankowski, facility attendant – 5 yrs.; Alton Danner, building maintenance foreman – 10 yrs.; Cornelio Hernandez, golf course equipment operator – 10 yrs.; Harold Willis, cook – 15 yrs.; Jerry Wells, building maintenance technician/electrician – 10 yrs.; Phil Gates, community services director – 15 yrs.; Dominique Nelson, bartender – 10 yrs.; Shane Bryant, assistant community services manager – 15 yrs.; Debbie Moss, housekeeper – 5 yrs.; Sherri Tokar, accounting clerk – 10 yrs.    Not pictured:  David Morrah, III, mechanic – 5 yrs.; Jim Kitslaar, Facility Attendant – 10 yrs.; Kirk Smith, Chief Operating Officer – 15 yrs.

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