Introducing: Team SLV Quick Huddle

We are introducing a new communication series designed to assist in sharing information and updates across our entire team. As much as we prefer sharing with you in person, our nine different locations make it extremely difficult to share the same information at the same time with all team members across the community. And with a lot happening in our community right now, and the exciting prospects of escalating growth, communications are even more important right now.

So, we’ve developed the Team SLV Quick Huddle that is designed to be quick hits of information, delivered through a series of short videos.

In the first Quick Huddle, we cover:

    1. Brief Intro to the Quick Huddle Series
    2. Development Update – with pictures of progress being made to convert old conference center into new sales center
    3. Shout outs for Above and Beyond Service
    4. Introduction of the Team Survey

These videos will generally be 5 mins in length and feature only one or two topics – this first video is 8 minutes and 38 seconds. We hope the videos and the content will be a source of encouragement as we continue to work together to serve with excellence, bring energy and deliver happiness to those around us, and grow our community.

Here’s the the video:

Finally, we would love your feedback… Any comments, questions, suggestions and/or ideas that sparks from topics within the video, or in regards to the video communication functionality in general – please add your comments at the bottom of the video so that your fellow teammates can also view. Or if you are uncomfortable making a public comment, you may always send an email to or call our village office and ask for Kirk.

Thank you for taking the time to view this first Quick Huddle video, and for sharing with all members of your team.

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