Thought of the Day – Communications

“Communication is not about saying what we think. It’s about ensuring others hear what we mean.”

In other words, communications is a two way street.  We must clarify our message and ensure the person or audience we are attempting to communicate with understands the message.  Communications that is not properly understood is just noise.

Thought for the Day:  How can we better communicate with people we come in contact with today?  Let’s be sure our message of being a great place to live and work comes through in all that we do and say.

New Ad Copy

The new ad copy below will first hit subscribers in the Spring 2013 Carolina Living guide, followed by several other upcoming publications. South Carolina Tourism and the Heritage Corridor pick up half the cost on these advertisements through a matching grant program.

The ad copy continues to push forward the values of new community branding and program development. As always, thoughts and ideas are appreciated.